Has Mindfulness Touched Your Life?

IMISA is a not for profit organisation that requires funding to help support the work we do to bring this practice to as many people as possible.

Your gift will make a huge difference. There are many ways to help, whether you wish to help people attend our MBI classes or support someone to gain the expertise to deliver classes, or assist IMISA with its programme in mindfulness-based research.

You can support our work in the following ways.

Support a public health workers to train in Mindfulness-Based Interventions (MBI)

There is growing demand for MBIs and as such, IMISA has collaborated with Stellenbosch University to set up a training programme for health professionals to train in mindfulness and MBIs. This will enable teachers from all over South Africa to train in this important practice and for high quality MBIs to be taken to where they are most needed.

The cost of completing the Introductory Module (stand-alone) is R16,500 for 2015, (this amount will increase each year). This module will offer health workers an opportunity to explore and apply mindfulness training in daily life as a way of improve both their general wellbeing, inner resilience and their effectiveness in clinical practice. The cost of completing the full certification program is R66,000.

If you wish, a donation could cover IMISA’s administrative support and running costs related to this programme or you could make a donation towards a specific staff post at IMISA.

Support Research and Development

IMISA is committed to facilitating, supporting and encouraging mindfulness-based research, which will contribute to the significant and growing evidence base that already exists.

Areas of current interest include building on existing body of work on burnout and exhaustion amongst healthcare workers in the public health sector; adapting MBIs for various patient populations in the public health sector, such as those with HIV; exploring MBIs in the area of compassionate end of life care for children and families; exploring MBIs for children and adolescents, specifically in school settings to promote health and academic achievement, and prevent poor health and social outcomes.

Help a Vulnerable Person Learn Mindfulness

There are many people who are in desperate need of help and cannot afford an 8-week mindfulness course. The costs range from R3,500 to R5,200 for an 8-week programme.

How to Make a Gift

We would love to speak to you about supporting our work in these areas. Please contact us on Lynne@lynnegordon.co.za.

You can make a regular or once-off gift by EFT. Please contact Lynne for banking details.

Please use your surname/gift as a reference and be sure to e-mail us notification on Lynne@lynnegordon.co.za so that we can respond to the donation.

Tribute Giving

Looking for a thoughtful way to honor someone special? Consider making a tribute gift to honor a family member or friend, remember a loved one or thank someone whose care made a difference for you and your family. If you and your family decide to direct gifts in memory of a loved one to IMISA, please contact us by e-mailing Lynne@lynnegordon.co.za and we will assist you with this process.